Why you DESERVE getting laid off

From: CleanStep (CleanS...)

"Leave me alone, I don't have time for that political nonsense!"
the fox said. "I worked all day and I'm tired!"

"Look, I'm tired too," the eagle said. "We're all tired! But
we've all got to get together, and storm the capitol, and demand
change---demand they do something---and if they don't do
something, at once, physically throw them out of there!"

"Ohhhh, you're crazy! Go away! Leave me alone!"

When at the end of the work day you're too exhausted to think, to
protest, to get angry, to do anything more than sit in front of
your television and watch a situation comedy ...

They've got you where they want you, and you've gotten exactly
what you deserve.


The politically incorrect novel the New York Times refused to

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