Sacramento Democrat students prove blacks genetically inferior and Obama is stupid.

From: Jack Fake ([email protected])

Racial disparity in school is ‘justified,’ science fair project
on ‘Race and IQ’ says

The project that started the controversy was titled “Race and
IQ.” It raised the hypothesis: “If the average IQs of blacks,
Southeast Asians, and Hispanics are lower than the average IQs
of non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians, then the racial
disproportionality in (HISP) is justified.”

The project was put on display with others on Monday afternoon
to be judged by a team of community members as part of the
fourth annual Mini Science Fair. It was removed Wednesday
morning after students, parents and staff complained. The
science fair was open to students and parents.;

There has never been any question that blacks and hispanics are
dumber than everyone else.

Look at that lying asshole Obama.

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