Fairy tale origins thousands of years old, researchers say

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"Fairy tale origins thousands of years old, researchers say."

My comment:

M-L von Franz said that fairy tales are more original and authentic in
content than both mythic and religious imagery. The latter have been
"contaminated" by conscious concepts whereas fairy tales are more naive
products of nature. Research now shows that they are indeed archaic.
Evidently, von Franz's research was worthwhile, because fairy tales is
the only conceptual legacy of archaic man that still remains.

In their unaltered versions, fairy tales are not products of mere
mortals. Rather, they derive from the unconscious
two-million-year-old-man. But sadly, even the Grimm brothers fell to
"correcting" aspects of them. I own 5 huge leather-bound volumes of
Swedish fairy tales that have not been "corrected". They are printed
exactly as retold by the peasant storytellers, whose names are given.
There are some strange variants. For instance, there is one about the
princess whose head was snatched away by a gust of wind and who acquired
a sheep's head instead. She and her twin sister rowed over the lake in
the dead of night to the king's castle at the other shore. The princess
with the sheep's head hid in a cave under the castle while the other
princess went to the chamber of the king and queen where she slept on a
pillow. She was to spy on the queen and she managed to reveal that she
was a witch.

However, I don't think that von Franz has said the last word about fairy
tales. I believe that we must also interpret them from another perspective:

Mats Winther

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