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June 27 2008
For immediate release:
Staats Fasoldt

On July 12th there will be an opening reception for Staats Fasoldt and
Ed Berkise at the Doghouse Gallery, the little gem on Glasco Tpk. near
the Woodstock day school.
The opening is from 4-6pm; Tom Wright¹s delicacies will be available
as well as advice from Peg.
The title of the show is ³in the Dog House again² reflecting the
artists previous exhibits at Gallery rather than any behavioral
difficulties or conditions of forced incarceration.
Ed berkise is the ultimate New Yorker from New Jersey, a high energy
Business man with a long standing love of painting. He has had many
shows of his work which is both imaginative, and playful. His themes
reflect the city life of his imagination, cocktail parties and business
meetings channeled directly from the twilight zone. This year he has
changed tracks a bit and is exhibiting farm related themes. The
subjects are urbane roosters, and sophisticated cows, that may be
thinking ³to be on the farm or not to beŠ²
Staats fasoldt is an instructor at the Woodstock School of Art where he
has taught watercolor painting for 25 years. A popular artist who
paints in a direct simple manner. Staats is known for his insightful
teaching methods and many of the works in this show were done in his
classes, recording his students at work.
Join Ed and Staats for an afternoon of pre-modern pictorial rumination.

The Doghouse Gallery
429 Phillips Rd
Saugerties NY
(one mile east on Glasco from Rt 212)


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