From: (avagad...)

we're .75 miles from the Soda swarm

after a pleasant drive out of the tetons

Grays Lake is !!!!!!!! So far, I have not spotted any migratory activity, anywhere.

Bear River valley from Soda to the swarm's north side where we are....parked in a rest area complete with intact history post on the Or Trail coming thu here n voluminous period accounts on multiple hot springs.

narrow valley all downhill to the south....great view opens with 2 large dam like scarps either side with an open space from road n wheat/hay fields.

E-W ridges show movement north while the sediment we drive over is more stationary

area on the swarm center sports a steep hill facing west back into an opening in the basic continuous ridge with bare ground n erosion trials. I'll get the binoculars out. No camera on hand

there were 3 quakes bip bip bip with a roller in the middle abt an hour ago.

Soda has a Monsanto phosphorous mine.

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