Pattern Recognition

From: Weatherlawyer (weathe...)

I haven't done more than looked at the IRIS page just yet but there is a twin similarity to the recent swarming showing on the 2D curvature:

The three swarms on the Asian side are equidistant and the three swarms on the North American side are (with the exception of Idaho) also equidistant.

I got the other similarity I thought I saw is wrong. I thought that the outlines both pairs of swarms made were more or less the same shape. It still is difficult to see space-similarities as more than a coincidence and it may take some explaining if it happens again.

But now I have to get serious and look at these systems more closely -something my rewiring is not reprogrammed for. In fact they are similar but wrong handed not something that someone is conditioned to notice if they have suffered stoke.

It will be interesting to see if it happens following storms or has some proprietary penchant. It would be nice to find the hand of god in there. Not something I can imagine geology swallowing, they are not exactly big on pattern recognition as explained by their crowning successfoolnneses to date.

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