Play My Mad Millions

From: Diane MMM (MMMStr...)

Come play My Mad Millions (MMM) for free and get paid to play. It is so cool and addictive too.

MMM is an innovative fantasy game that lets you play together with real-world friends and family.

Play the game by spending $300,000,000 and win by having nothing to show for it at the end. Have fun living the lifestyle of the rich and famous while trying some of the most innovative new technology in social gaming.

Once you start spending on lavish items for you and your friends, you just won't stop. The best part is you don't get a credit card bill at the end of the month for all your damages.

Get paid real cash and prizes to play My Mad Millions. <>;

It's Simple, Easy and Free. The more you play, the more you'll earn cash and gifts.

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About MMM
Mansions, yachts, cars and high fashion are all at your disposal. Battle your friends to try to lose m@ney on expensive items, play the stock market in real time, bet on current sporting events, and have fun losing m@ney playing the casino games to blow more cash and advance in the game. You'll be able to choose fancy houses for yourself and your entourage, travel to exotic places, and have fun renting expensive clothing and jewelry, or jet around in your very own private fleet of planes and yachts.

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